Matlab code for the calculation of PSD using wavelet analysis

The WaveletPSD_calc Matlab code is created in the frame of the "SafeSpace" project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870437) by Constantinos Papadimitriou MSc and Dr Christos Katsavrias at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The zip folder includes:

1) One test signal (compressional component of the geomagnetic field from THEMIS A fluxgate magnetometer).
2) The Matlab functions: wavelet, wave_bases and wave_signif from Torrence and Compo, 1998.
3) WaveletPSD function created by Constantinos Papadimitriou. The basic concept behind the creation of the code is described in Katsavrias et al. 2022.
4) WaveletPSD_calc.m which is a demo code.

Users who have used the code in their publication should:

1) include in the Data Availability Statement or the Acknowledgments section the url of the code:

2) acknowledge the SafeSpace project including the corresponding grant agreement No 870437

3) refer to and cite the following article:
Katsavrias, C., Papadimitriou, C., Hillaris, A. and Balasis, G. (2022): Application of wavelet methods in the investigation of geospace disturbances: A review and an evaluation of the approach for quantifying wavelet power, Atmosphere, doi:


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